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MAMA, Your birth story is filled with priceless pearls of wisdom that only YOU can unravel and cherish.


In our sacred cauldron, we artfully fuse each tale into a deeply heartfelt potion. Every narrative with its diverse spectrum of experiences, emerges as a catalyst for empowerment and communal healing. Whether your journey into motherhood is just beginning or spans across years, this sanctuary welcomes all mothers to intricately weave the threads of their birth stories into a tapestry of profound healing

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Birth Story Alchemy

This is a brave space, guided by principles of respect and active listening, allowing participants to express their experiences authentically. Join us on this shared journey of reflection, healing, and solidarity, as we honor the diverse and transformative nature of birth stories. Together, we create a nurturing space that acknowledges the strength, vulnerability, and resilience embedded in this wild journey.

  • Online Community

  • 6 week intimate container of community tending 

  • Every Monday  @ 1-2:30

  • Sliding scale of $222-333

  • This is is not merely an information exchange; it is a ceremonial experience where each participant is invited to share, reflect, and celebrate their unique birth story process

  • Somatic practices and  sound healing experience

  • 1:1 integration check in

Next Session is Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Space is limited. Contact me to reserve your spot

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