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I am continuously in awe by the magnitude of what the mind, body, soul and spirit are called upon to do as a mother. It is every single second of your life and every single cell of your being, and so often there is no one to witness it. Motherhood, is a timeless and invaluable journey, that encapsulates the essence of unconditional love, nurturing, and resilience. 


The more I learn and witness the emotional and physical process that goes into it all, the more and more I feel so blown away by it all. From the preparation and mindfulness, to the pregnancy, to the birthing process and all its mind/body altering magic- to the deep healing inner workings of the postpartum love bubble with a journey into the wild dance of parenthood. WHEW. Mama I see you! 

Mama Bear Council

This is a 10 week journey for mama's with babies in their first year .  In this nurturing community, laughter echoes alongside tears, creating bonds that strengthen with every shared story. Together we form a circle where vulnerability is embraced, and the beauty of motherhood unfolds in its purest, most genuine form. This is a community of mothers coming together to be in ceremony and form a circle of protection , of prayer, and gratitude.

Whether you have a body that has recently birthed, you’re a new parent, you’re a postpartum mother, or you’re an adoptive or foster parent of a newborn, you are welcomed!

  • A combination of in person and online gatherings

  • Every Tuesday 1x a week  - 12-1:30

  • Location- Marin County

  • Sliding scale of $333-444 (Transparency about your  financial standing while participating in a sliding scale contributes to the development of strong and sustainable communities, showing respect for the contributions of educators and creators.)

  • Local wise women  offering traditional postpartum practices, physical and emotional postpartum healing, and sacred conversations meant to uplift and empower you W-holy. 

  • Space to connect with yourself,  and your community. 

  • Learn songs and games to connect with your baby 

  • Get comfortable asking for support 

  • Somatic practices and forest bathing

  • A tea experience or sound healing experience

  • A whatsapp group chat to share resources, and words of love and support.   

  • 1:1 video call integration check in

Potential Topics:

  • Baby massage and the importance of nurturing touch for babies and parents

  • Mither warming and vitality through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs

  • Conscious and respectful communication with babies

  • Attachment in the first 5 years of life

  • Herbal wisdom for baby care and mother rejuvenation

  • Rehabilitating pelvic floor and core 

  • Staying connected with your partner as a new family

  • The postpartum villans

  • Postpartum nourishment and baby's first foods

  • Creating simple home rythmns and new family traditions 

Next Session is Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Space is limited. Contact me to reserve your spot

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