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Mama Blessing

An invitation into a space that honors one of life’s sacred transitions. The space I nurture is one that welcomes a Mama and her inner circle to land, rest, and relax.


A mother blessing is a heartfelt and intimate gathering that celebrates a parent's journey into motherhood. Unlike traditional baby showers, which often focus on material gifts, a mother blessing is a spiritual and emotional ceremony.


It involves close friends and family coming together to offer blessings, encouragement, and support to the expectant mother.


Rituals may include sharing stories, creating symbolic art, or engaging in ceremonies that honor the transition to motherhood.


The intention is to create a sacred and nurturing space, providing the mother-to-be with love, positive energy, and a strong sense of community as she prepares for the profound experience of becoming a mother.

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Co-create with Me



  • Co-Creation | 1-2 hours where we will dreamscape your celebration and make it unique to you.

  • Planning | Logistics of time and place, guest list, specific activities or rituals, and anything else.

  • Check-Ins | Weekly email correspondence and 2 zoom calls.

  • Guests | Send out invitations and communicate with guests.

  • Materials | Candles, flowers, oils + more.

  • The Space | Set up and breakdown.

  • The Ceremony | Functioning as a hostess and facilitating the flow of the day.

  • Referrals | Holistic chefs, henna tattoo artists, and photographers to make the day memorable.

  • 2 1/2 - 4 hr experience. Sliding scale $800-1,000



  •  2 hour video consultation (Or in person with extra charge)

  • where we will dreamscape your celebration 

  • Somatic practices and reflections with tea to ground you into your heart space

  • Support in identifying your theme 

  • Choosing rituals unique to you

  • Creating structure and a flow of the day

  • $250

Ceremonial Care

Ease into this sanctuary space, curated exclusively for you. Reclaim this sacred time of rest. Take this moment to enhance your ability to simply receive and embrace the nurturing energy surrounding you. Allow yourself the grace of replenishment.


Prenatal Tea Experience

Immerse yourselves in a heartfelt and reflective tea experience,  designed for expectant parents to share together.  This unique experience provides a tranquil space to deepen your connection, express gratitude, share fears, and collectively envision your upcoming postpartum journey


Postpartum Yoni Steam

**Coming Soon**

Rejuvenate your postpartum integration with a nurturing yoni steam ceremony. Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of herbal steam, designed to support postpartum healing and well-being. A nurturing and serene experience for the nervous sytem. Supports with perineal healing, hemorrhoids, relieving pain, soreness, swelling, water retention, stitches.


La Cerrada

**Coming Soon**

Closing the Bones ceremony is a ritual of healing and renewal.  We will honor the wisdom of your birth, make space for your feels, and set intentions for the journey into parenthood. This is an invitation to integrate with intention and close your sacred postpartum window.  

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