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The journey into birth and parenthood, whether for the first time or third, is a significant rite of passage. It is an initiation into a whole new way of relating and connecting to yourself and the world around you. 

A Mother Blessing serves as a reminder that you are about to do something beautiful and important. I invite you, encourage you and support you in taking a moment to pause, reflect and set an intention for what is to come.


The emotional and mental preparation of birth and/or parenthood is important and often overlooked. A mother Blessing is an opportunity to tend to the raw and vulnerable places within, giving recognition to this transition as a WHOLLY dance-mind, body, soul and spirit. Regardless of your belief system or spiritual practice, this will be a guiding light in excavating fears, judgements, and doubts as we welcome in strength, community,  and belief in yourself and your intuition. This is a nourishing celebration shared with your closest friends and family members, and filled with pampering care and connection. The only requirement is to receive acknowledgement from your loving community.

*Historically, a ‘blessingway’ is an old dine Navajo tradition created to honor motherhood as a sacred rite of passage. In respect of this culture, we do not call this ceremony a Blessing Way, rather we honor the ceremony’s origins and create our own Mother Blessing.


  • Co-Creation | 1-2 hours where we will dreamscape your celebration and make it unique to you.

  • Planning | Logistics of time and place, guest list, specific activities or rituals, and anything else.

  • Check-Ins | Twice a month leading up to the event.

  • Guests | Send out invitations and communicate with guests.

  • Materials | Candles, flowers, oils, and more depending on the vision.

  • The Space | Set up and breakdown.

  • The Ceremony | Functioning as a hostess and facilitating the flow of the day. 

  • Referrals | Holistic chefs, henna tattoo artists, and photographers to make the day memorable.

In tending to an all inclusive experience, I recognize and understand that not everyone identifies as a ‘MOTHER’ and not every body carries a baby. I am open and excited to make this a unique experience for all birthing people, foster, adoptive, and surrogate parents who want to honor the transition into parenthood in a meaningful way.

I serve Marin County, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Sonoma County area.

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