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"We particularly appreciated her style of direct, open, and compassionate communication. She brought laughter, tenderness, and joyful energy into our home. Daniella is warm, attuned, passionate about her work, and brings a wealth of specialized knowledge to this sacred and transitional time for families." -  Mama Rachel 


Nurture to Flourish

was originated as a soothing balm for my heart. Pouring from an empty cup impacted my quality of life, expression, and connections.  Breaking a generational pattern, I felt a strong urge to embrace a new narrative. The mantra "SLOW DOWN, TUNE IN, FILL UP" became my guiding principle and forms the foundation of the support I provide. Together we will find moments of pause and presence, create connection in the postpartum chaos, embrace the discomfort, and infuse playfulness.

I help families connect to their innate wisdom as parents, develop deeper relationships with each other and find more ease and joy in their parenting experience. My approach is gentle and intuitive. I will empower you with the skillsets you need to embrace the ebbs and flows of parenthood. My intention as your doula is to facilitate a healing environment that encourages you to slow down, savor the moments and receive the self-nourishment you need to keep your cup full.



One of the most important things you can do for your child's well being is to nurture a relationship based on healthy, secure attachment and a sense of trust. The key to this is to attune to your baby  and respond to their cues,  communication and signals often enough that you create a secure bond to nurture their physical, social and emotional development. It's about understanding a child's unique spirit, respecting emotional needs, and navigating the journey together with a focus on genuine connection and holistic well-being


"Her boundless energy and enthusiasm are tempered by her ability to deeply listen. She has a thirst for knowledge of all the beauty-filled woman-ways and is a great resource for ideas and alternatives for caring for you and your little one.." - Mama Anayana

Postpartum Care Packages

All packages include two 60 minute  prenatal sessions. The first is over zoom and the second is an in home visit. Additionally, if you are interested in joining any of my circles, a 20% discount will be applied. There is an option to add additional nights and/or a ceremonial element  to your experience a la carte. 

As your doula,  I will support you and your baby to get more sleep in a loving, gentle and respectful way that honors your baby’s emotional process of adjusting to a new routine. It is natural and normal for the first few weeks to feel disorganized and with presence, patience and mindful transition, we can guide your baby without resorting to fear-inducing sleep training methods. My primary focus lies in cultivating trust through responsive care, meeting your baby at their developmental stage, and empathizing with their experiences. This approach promotes the calming of their nervous system, facilitating a relaxed and peaceful transition to sleep.


Blissful Overnight Package

10 hr shifts @ $65 an hour

Option to book 8, 16, or 24 overnights .

With an extended schedule, parents benefit from a bit more time in the morning to rest, allowing for a gradual and gentle start to the day.


Postpartum Sanctuary Package

12 hr shifts @ $65 an hour

Option to book 8, 16, or 24 overnights .

12 hr shifts create space for an integrated flow for morning rituals, partner connection, sibling connection, and meal preparation. 


The Customized Experience

If you find that your specific needs aren't explicitly mentioned, feel free to connect anyway. I'm open to thoughtfully creating an experience that aligns with your family. Let's have a conversation and imagine the most nurturing postpartum support tailored just for you.

Navigating the early stages of parenthood comes with a flood of information- from grandparents' biased perspectives to diverse stories from mom groups, along with conflicting advice from books and your support network. While everyone is well intentioned, in your primal and hormonal state, this can all feel like a lot! As your doula, I will stand as a neutral energy, bringing balance, inclusion, and focus on the whole family system. I will hold compassionate curiosity and reflect back to you, guiding you to your own unique family signature, and helping you to tap into your own innate wisdom. 

Postpartum Care and Beyond Consultastions

$150 for 90 minutes 

If you have abundant support from family and community, but are still looking for perspective and someone to share your experiences with,  a virtual consultation together offers that space for you.  Our time together is to give space to whatever is alive in your heart and in your journey - whether its emotional support around tender transitions , navigating leaps and milestones, or an exploration of  compassionate communication with your baby and partner. I help you and your family identify the concerns and feelings behind your experiences, and what is needed to shift in order for you to find balance, connection and meaning .

Proud Father

Transition Doula

3-5 hr shifts @ $60 an hour- up to 3 months of bridge support.

Not quite ready for a nanny but still need support? This offering has been created in response to community needs around a gentle approach in the journey back to work. As you consider shifting from full time bonding with your baby back into your passion and career, having perspective in the process can soothe your nervous system and boost your confidence. I help families get clear on their needs and values around the type of influence they admire as an addition to their family system. I offer in person support to connect to a rhythm and routine with babies as they developmentally shift outward towards external experiences.. As your transition doula, I work with the whole family to support everyone in shifting into a new experience. 


" We contracted her services for support as I returned to work when our babe was around 6mo old. We knew we needed more than just “childcare” and felt so held and supported by Daniella through it all. Although we were a bit more fortified than the tender early postpartum days, the emotional transition was challenging and Daniella was intuitive and attuned to helping us navigate this transition- offering time to check in on me and my partner emotionally, offering gentle suggestions to the ever changing baby/ new parenting landscape, and most of all tuning in to our daughter’s cues to advocate for her needs. She held our daughter in the brightest light possible, meeting her in pure joy and play as well as holding space for her big emotions and valued needs. Daniella loved her like she was family, which is more than I could have ever asked for. We love you Tia Yella!”  - Veronica

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