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Daniella Aleteo Noguera

Doula | Embodiment Guide | Empath 

Ceremonialist | Creative Visionary | Connector 


The path to purpose

The physical transition of my mother was an initiation  that continues to shape my path to purpose. It was a sacred pilgrimage that  brought me to the depths of the underworld, and guided me closer to my heart in ways I never fathomed possible. The journey gifted me insight to a path of healing and expansion. At the tender age of 25, I was traversing the ebbs and flows of emotions, unraveling the threads of my being, and metamorphosing into a new incarnation of myself.


The last week of her life is something that will always stay with me, filled with moments that will remain etched in my heart. I can still recall the warmth of her body as we lay together on the sofa, knowing that it would be the last time we would be this close. The evening before she crossed the threshold, I felt her 'mother worries' , her tension, and her struggle to find peace.


She was too weak to communicate at this point, but I sensed all that she was holding. And so  I channeled words of reassurance, and caressed her face with a full heart of affection. There was a palpable  shift in the atmosphere, as her aura glowed with a vibrant shade of purple. The woman that brought me into this world was dying, and I had the immense honor to be her guide into the next journey of her soul.


And thus began a celestial romance, one that transcends the mundane and elevates the soul. She graces me with her presence through the symphonies of birds, and the delicate flutter of butterfly wings. Her voice echoes through  the whispered secrets of books that call out to me. Every year, on the anniversary of her passing, I wander in nature with a bundle of flowers to create a beautiful mandala. This ritual serves as a reminder of what it means to be human and exist on this earth, embracing the full spectrum of emotions – from grief to gratitude.


Through this experience, I emerged with a renewed  passion for nourishing others through the significant moments in their life. The warmth of food, tea, touch, nature, rituals and community connection supported my own integration and greatly influences the way that I nurture the people I work with, the families I support and the circles I hold. My intention is to meet you where you are at with loving presence, and support you in slowing down to make space for the wisdom of your heart. My approach is both intuitive and compassionate, and I aspire to guide you in weaving threads of connection during your transition. It is my hope that you honor the parts of yourself that once were, embracing all that you are becoming.


As a space tender and a creative spirit, my essence is a mosaic of  diverse learning containers and experiences. First and foremost, I am a student of life, for life. I embrace every moment with an open and curious heart, finding valuable wisdom in all my relational explorations. I draw from various studies and interests including somatic awareness, nature connection, intuitive guiding, compassionate communication, and conscious parenting. 


With great respect, I honor and acknowledge the Coast Miwok people, who have tended and sustained these ancestral lands over generations. It is a privilege to be a guest listening, playing, and creating on these sacred grounds. I am grateful for the wisdom of this land and the great abundance it offers. me daily. 


Fun insight into me


"She taught me that there's always a kind way to engage, to interact, to teach, to learn.  She taught me the power of language and how that can be the salve to so many wounds." - Julia

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