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When I lost my mother at age 25, I emerged with a renewed passion for supporting and nourishing others through the essential transitions in life. The warmth of food, touch, nature and community connection supported my own healing process and greatly influenced the way that I nurture families in postpartum. 


As I journeyed deeper into this work, I began to recognize the lack of thought and support available to families during this time. Parents in my postpartum community began confiding in me their experiences of isolation, depletion, anxiety and disconnection. 


This fueled my mission to support families in reclaiming this sacred time of rest and nourishment, while sustaining a healthy balance in their lifestyle experience. I became dedicated to changing the cultural conversation around the postpartum period, normalizing and validating the raw and unfiltered depth that surfaces through during this time.  


My greatest wish is for every family to have a strong postpartum support system and in turn to feel safe, relaxed, acknowledged and nourished.

Inclusivity is important to me

I recognize and affirm that not every body that births is female, not every postpartum parent has given birth and not every pregnancy ends in the birth of a baby. I am honored and grateful to serve and support all folks.


I have 15 years of experience with children and families, and have helped raise some incredibly resilient, empowered, and communicative young beings who are full of empathy and true expression. Through the years, I have developed a successful practice of teaching encouraging communication skills and compassionate parenting to the families I’ve worked with. Now it is my pleasure to share these teachings with parents, supporting them to build a healthy foundation right from the start. 

I have also worked as a bridal attendant, bringing ease and comfort to high-stress environments and I have worked with the youth in a range of nurturing roles - as a big sister, dance teacher, camp counselor, and nanny.

My superpower is my ability to encourage others to tap into their hearts and speak vulnerably.

I have a natural eye and interest for beauty and enjoy creating warm and inviting spaces.  I appreciate the calming energy that comes with a tidy and orderly home where objects have a place rather than a nomadic existence. I love implementing these natural skills of mine to support families in the preparation of creating a cozy, welcoming space for their baby and new lifestyle. Minimal and convenient.


Cornerstone Doula Training | Certified Postpartum Doula

Hearts and Hands Midwifery Intensive | Certified Doula

Mothering Arts | Community supported Postpartum Facilitator Course

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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