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With many families living far from their traditional structures of support and our society’s focus on productivity and individuality, the postpartum period can feel overwhelming, isolating and disconnecting. Becoming a parent is a raw, heart opening experience and the first few weeks and months can be both magical and challenging.


A postpartum doula normalizes and validates the wild spectrum of emotions and provides a safe and loving container of compassionate ease. My intention as your doula is to facilitate a healing environment that encourages you to slow down, savor the moments and receive the self-nourishment you need to keep your cup full.



My role as your doula is to facilitate a healing environment that encourages you to slow down, savor the moments, and receive the nourishment you need to keep your cup full. 


My intention is to bring balance and harmony to your experience -- to nourish you as you heal while also being an ally to your partner to feel fully included in their role.  I am here for you both and I believe that the love and gratitude that is expressed between the two of you will be the foundation for a loving container for your growing family. 

I offer daytime and nighttime doula support, serving Marin County, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Sonoma County area. 


Mother / Nurturer

  • Personal Check-ins | Each day we will begin with taking a moment to ground in and check in about things like sleeping, feeding, your own physical healing, and your emotional health.

  • Meal Preparation | I prepare simple and warming foods that support your body’s ability to heal and feel nourished. 

  • Hand and feet massage | I provide loving touch to boost and stimulate your body to relax, slow down and receive care. 

  • Herbal Sitz Bath Preparation

Baby Support

  • Loving guidance for infant care and connection | Communication, Feeding, bathing, diapering, calming techniques.

  • Baby Care | Spending time with your baby so you can have quality time with yourself to fill up.

Home Support

  • Planning | Guidance in creating your postpartum plan.


  • Home Preparation | Simplifying your home before baby arrives.

  • Community Support | Meal train and visitor coordination.

  • Finding Balance | Establishing new routines and facilitating a harmonious transition.

  • Extra Support | Light house work and errands when needed.

  • Availability | Phone support for any questions or concerns.

Family Care

  • Inclusion | Supporting co-parent/partner and sibling(s) in their new role.

  • Sibling Quality Time | Creating opportunities for parent(s) to spend time with siblings.

My role:

Sleepy Baby


The evenings can be challenging and exhausting with feedings every few hours, numerous diaper changes, and resettling your baby back to sleep.  Your self-care matters.  

My overnight care allows you to get the rest you need to feel present and connected to yourself and baby.  Night-time doula care can be especially supportive for those who are at higher risk for postpartum mood disorders and families with multiples.  

During the night, I will tune into your baby's needs and intuitively explore ways to bring them ease and comfort.  You can rest soundly knowing your baby will be nurtured with attentive care and patience.  I am open to being a support to you whether you intend to breastfeed, pump, and bottle feed and/or formula feed.   I can support you if you are co-sleeping with your baby in the bed or if you prefer me to settle your baby back to sleep in the nursery.  Together we will design a plan based on your family's needs and values.  


  • Check-in for the day

  • Monitor and care for the baby throughout the night 

  • Offer comforting techniques to support baby to fall asleep with ease 

  • Log baby's activity -- walking & feeding times, amount the baby eats, type of dirty diapers, and how the baby settles back to sleep 

  • Clean bottles and pumping supplies & offer light laundry services

  • Prepare morning meals and warming teas if needed

My role:

I'm here to support you.

Whether daytime or nighttime,

I am open and excited to work together to create

your ideal postpartum experience.


My daytime care

is scheduled in 5 -7 hour shifts 



My rates

are on a sliding scale 

$50 - $65 per hour


My nighttime care

is scheduled in 8 -10 hour shifts 



My rates

are on a sliding scale 

$50 - $65 per hour

Note: Unless you are already in postpartum and in need of immediate care, scheduling a consultation is a requirement to beginning our journey together.

Check out my consultation offerings here

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