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"When I became pregnant for the first time, I was nervous and scared, like many new mothers to be. Daniella offered loving and supportive words of encouragement and asked reflective questions that helped me deeply consider what it would mean to raise another human.

During my first postpartum period, Daniella arrived with fresh flowers in hand and a big warm embrace! She prepared nourishing meals and concocted beverages with whole plant-based organic yumminess. 

After my second child was born, Daniella came to help me yet again. She allowed me to concentrate on my newborn, while she entertained my older son. I was in admiration of the creative and connective ways she interacted with my son.

Daniella held emotional space for me as well. She knew about my history with peripartum and postpartum depression. She listened as I vulnerably shared my struggles and only offered advice if I asked.

I have also experienced Daniella holding space in circle. It was healing for me be witnessed in my vulnerability. Daniella created a safe environment for us all to open up on an internally raw level. 

As of today, I look forward to spending more nurturing time with Daniella, as she will be guiding and supporting me through my third pregnancy."

-Nadia Brunner-Velasquez Roemer

 "Daniella was such a gift and an enormous help to me in one of the most challenging-- and yet profoundly beautiful-- times in my life. She not only has a passion for helping mamas, but also deeply cares about the babies themselves, and takes the time to search out all the little details of what both might need and want in the first and tenderest months.


Her boundless energy and enthusiasm are tempered by her ability to deeply listen. She has a thirst for knowledge of all the beauty-filled woman-ways and is a great resource for ideas and alternatives for caring for you and your little one.   If you have the option of working with her or having her on your care team, don't hesitate! The benefits of hiring someone who truly cares and has passion and the ability to commit and follow through is immeasurable."


-Anayana White

“In the years that Daniella helped raise our daughter, I saw her thrive from her kindness, patience, and willingness to teach.  But Daniella didn't just teach my daughter, she taught me. She taught me that there's always a kind way to engage, to interact, to teach, to learn.  She taught me the power of language and how that can be the salve to so many wounds. She taught me to be open, communicative, and confident. Through her, my daughter learned how to be a good person, but I also learned how to be a kinder mother.


In the journey that Daniella has taken since leaving our family, I see her always gravitating towards that bond, that eternal dance that is the relationship between parent and child.  Her understanding of how to foster that love and nurturing bond is a gift. I'm grateful for our relationship, and I see her influence reflected in my daughter every day.“


-Julia A

"Over the last several years, under Daniella’s care, we have watched our child develop into a kind, thoughtful, confident, and curious person (who loves vegetables!). 

But what I could not anticipate when we hired Daniella is the way that Daniella took care of our whole family. Simply put, Daniella brought, and continues to bring, peace of mind to our family. She could intuit when we needed a home cooked meal or a date night. She has left inspirational messages for me tucked into my bed and created a scrapbook of photos of my child.  Daniella gave me the space and support to learn to be a better mother. She is a powerful and positive influence in my life and in my family."


-Sheila A

"I feel so lucky and grateful to have had Daniella facilitate my Mother Blessing. I tend to run on the anxious side and her grounding presence and empathy did a lot to help me feel more relaxed and actually enjoy being present with all of my loved ones.  She has this incredible intuitive ability to pick up on what I need, sometimes even before I know myself. Not only did I feel taken care of, but I think all of our guests felt more comfortable in her warmth and care. This, plus her thoughtful and impeccably detailed design eye, created an experience that was extraordinarily special – one I will cherish for the rest of my life.  She really listened to my vision and that of my family – and created something magical that we all enjoyed! Thank you Daniella, you are a beautiful answer to our event-planning prayers!"


-Meredith P

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