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The anticipation and planning period prior to birth can feel exciting, and at times, slightly daunting.  A solid and integrated postpartum plan sets you and your family up with a foundation to flourish.

Image by Ömürden Cengiz


Jus​t as it is important to consider and envision your birth experience, it is also important to plan for the support you will need to have the smoothest transition possible. Creating a plan is an opportunity to build a clear and stable foundation with your partner, explore your needs and values, and establish a rhythm and flow of communication. And if you have older children, this is a fun and exciting way to create mindful inclusion. Together we will look at the areas of your life that you want to maintain, map out a web of support, and more. As your doula and ally, I will support you in upholding these agreements to ensure you are all cared for in your transition.


Communication & Emotional Support 

  • A heart-to-heart drop in on current stressors and fears so we can bring awareness move through them together

  • Partner exploration and communication

  • Sibling inclusion and conversation in their new role

Routine & Systems Implementation 

  • Track your current routines

  • Explore the pieces of your life you want to maintain

  • Identify your rings of support

  • Coordinate meals and visitors

  • Learn how to ensure protected rest

  • Return to Ritual with Ayurvedic practices and recipes 


  • Implement ayurvedic practices, breathwork, and self-massage to ground your nervous system and support lactation.


  • Connect with the rhythms of nature

Image by Jonathan Borba


One  in-person meeting

with the whole family.







Two in-person meetings. 

First meeting: You & your partner or the whole family. 

Second meeting: One-on-one connection with mama/nurturer.


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